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Modeling concepts for communication of geometric shape dataANSI5, an abbreviation for Section 5 of the American National Standard under Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices (Committee Y14) on Digital Representation for Communication of Product Definition Data (ANSI Y14.26M-1981), allows encoding of a broad range of geometric shapes to be communicated through digital channels. A brief review of its underlying concepts is presented. The intent of ANSI5 is to devise a unified set of concise language formats for transmission of data pertaining to five types of geometric entities in Euclidean 3 space (E(3)). These are regarded as point like, curve like, surface like, solid like, and a combination of these types. For the first four types, ANSI5 makes a distinction between the geometry and topology. Geometry is a description of the spatial occupancy of the entity, and topology discusses the interconnectedness of the entity's boundary components.
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Conference Paper
Collins, M. F.
(Control Data Corp. Saint Louis, MO, United States)
Emnett, R. F.
(McDonnell-Douglas Automation Co.)
Magedson, R. L.
(Boeing Commercial Airplane Co.)
Shu, H. H.
(McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co.)
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August 12, 2013
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March 1, 1984
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Publication: NASA. Langley Research Center Computer-Aided Geometry Modeling
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Computer Programming And Software
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