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Reports of planetary geology program, 1983Several areas of the Planetary Geology Program were addressed including outer solar system satellites, asteroids, comets, Venus, cratering processes and landform development, volcanic processes, aeolian processes, fluvial processes, periglacial and permafrost processes, geomorphology, remote sensing, tectonics and stratigraphy, and mapping.
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Conference Proceedings
Holt, H. E.
(NASA Headquarters Washington, DC United States)
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September 4, 2013
Publication Date
April 1, 1984
Subject Category
Lunar And Planetary Exploration
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NAS 1.15:86246
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SubsidiaryPinacate-gran Desierto Region, Mexico: SIR-A Data Analysis19840015459Analytic SubsidiaryRadar-visible wind streaks in the Altiplano of Bolivia19840015460Analytic SubsidiaryThe case for aeolian control of meter-scale surface texture on Mars19840015461Analytic SubsidiaryIs there radar evidence for liquid water on Mars?19840015462Analytic SubsidiaryHypsometric studies of Mars.19840015463Analytic SubsidiaryCorrection and geological analysis of lunar 3.8 CM radar data19840015464Analytic SubsidiaryMapping and geological analysis of Mercury radar data19840015465Analytic SubsidiaryMercury: Topographic and geologic data from Earth-based radar observations19840015466Analytic SubsidiaryElysium Region, Mars: Characterization of tectonic features19840015467Analytic SubsidiaryAncient volcano-tectonic structures of the Olympus Mons Region, Mars19840015468Analytic SubsidiaryMars paleostratigraphy19840015469Analytic SubsidiaryValles Marineris layered deposits: Implications of 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