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an improved analysis of the thermal buckling of silicon sheetBuckling problems on the production of wide and thin silicon sheet are discussed. Buckling occurs in all of the processes which are investigated for their potential in mass producing wide silicon sheet for use in making solar cells. It is a fact that the processes which produce good ribbon 2 cm in width do not yield the same quality product at 10 cm in width. Buckling develops precisely because the sheets are wide and very very thin. The buckling of very thin cantilever plates due to temperature variations in the axial direction is considered. The temperature variation in the width direction was determined. Axial temperature variations which cause very thin plates to buckle in a torsional mode are demonstrated. It is assumed that the particular variation of the stress function in the width direction and thereafter the analysis is exact.
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Conference Paper
Dillon, O. W., Jr.
(Kentucky Univ. Lexington, KY, United States)
Deangelis, R.
(Kentucky Univ. Lexington, KY, United States)
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August 12, 2013
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April 15, 1984
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Publication: JPL Proc. of the Flat-Plate Solar Array Proj. Res. Forum on the High-Speed Growth and Characterization of Crystals for Solar Cells
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