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Coronal Transients and Their Interplanetary EffectsThe role of coronal mass ejections in the context of solar-terrestrial physics is examined. Some of the necessary background material on flares and geomagnetic storms, on interplanetary shock waves, and on coronal mass ejections is described. One of the modern tools available for approaching these questions - theoretical models for the initiation and propagation of transient phenomenon in the solar corona is described. All of this material was extensively reviewed in the recent literature, and the coverage of it is both selective and somewhat abbreviated. The second of the tools - a new generation of coronagraph observation of mass ejections and complementary set of solar and interplanetary observations suitable for correlative studies, is described. Important problems to be solved in answering these questions and some suggested strategies for approaching these problems will be discussed.
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Conference Paper
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August 12, 2013
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June 1, 1984
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Publication: Solar Terrest. Phys.
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