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Mechanical models of close approaches and collisions of large protoplanetsIn models of lunar origin by great impact, attention is usually paid to the hydrodynamic expansion resulting from the great amount of thermal energy. However, the source of this disruption is inevitably significant in a close approach between large bodies, it is to be expected that significant departures from simple hyperbolic orbits would occur even before impact. These departures could arise from mechanical effects, and hence purely mechanical models are worth pursuing. The most interesting results obtained for approach offsets are small multiples of the planet radius and approach velocities of a few kilometers/second. In an interaction between Mars and Earth sized protoplanets, most of the material ends in collision, but a few percent end in elliptic orbits and a few percent escape. Another model considered is an offset collision, arising from a wide range of approach velocities and offsets.
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Conference Paper
Kaula, W. M. (California Univ. Los Angeles, CA, United States)
Beachey, A. E. (California Univ. Los Angeles, CA, United States)
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August 12, 2013
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January 1, 1984
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Publication: Lunar Planetary Inst. Conf. on the Origin of the Moon
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