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New Zealand SIR-B science investigationsIt is proposed that shuttle imaging radar (SIR) data be used to study unusual geological features of New Zealand. Particular attention is planned for geological faults. SIR-B imagery is to be compared with LANDSAT multispectral imagery. Three other investigations which are to use SIR data are discussed. An ocean eddy is to be studied from a correlation of SIR-B and advanced very high resolution radiometer imagery. Timber volume is to be assessed by determining the age and size of pine forests from SIR-B data. Soil moisture is to be investigated by comparing SIR-B data with simultaneous gravimetric data. Land cover in a region already subjected to intensive investigation using LANDSAT and aircraft scanner data is to be discriminated by SIR-B data.
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Collins, M. A. (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
Oliver, P. J. (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
Cochrane, G. R. (Auckland Univ. Wellington, New Zealand)
Cole, J. (Victoria Univ. Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
Coombs, D. S. (Otago Univ. Wellington, United States)
Barnes, E. J. (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Darfield, New Zealand)
Ching, N. P. (New Zealand Forest Service Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Bennets, R. L. (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wellington, United States)
Stephens, P. H. (Ministry of Works and Development)
Laing, A. K. (New Zealand Meteorological Services)
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August 12, 2013
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July 1, 1984
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Publication: JPL The SIR-B Sci. Invest. Plan
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