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Australian Multiexperimental Assessment of SIR-B (AMAS)The utility of SIR-B data for analysis of surface properties and subsurface morphology in three arid regions of Australia is investigated. This study area is located in western New South Wales. It contains extensive aeolian and alluvially derived depositional plains and is the site of the University's Arid Zone Research Station; it is well-mapped and surveyed. Radar backscatter is mapped and evaluated against known terrain conditions. Relative components of surface and subsurface return are determined with a view to identifying structural properties of surface and subsurface morphology. The capability of microwave remote sensing in locating likely groundwater sources in the Bancannia Basin, near Fowler's Gap is assessed.
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Richards, J. A. (New South Wales Univ. Kensington, Australia)
Forster, B. C. (New South Wales Univ. Kensington, Australia)
Milne, A. K. (New South Wales Univ. Kensington, Australia)
Taylor, G. R. (New South Wales Univ. Kensington, Australia)
Trinder, J. C. (New South Wales Univ. Kensington, Australia)
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August 12, 2013
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July 1, 1984
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Publication: JPL The SIR-B Sci. Invest. Plan
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