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German Radar Observation Shuttle Experiment (ROSE)The success of radar sensors in several different application areas of interest depends on the knowledge of the backscatter of radar waves from the targets of interest, the variance of these interaction mechanisms with respect to changing measurement parameters, and the determination of the influence of he measuring systems on the results. The incidence-angle dependency of the radar cross section of different natural targets is derived. Problems involved by the combination of data gained with different sensors, e.g., MSS-, TM-, SPOTand SAR-images are analyzed. Radar cross-section values gained with ground-based radar spectrometers and spaceborne radar imaging, and non-imaging scatterometers and spaceborne radar images from the same areal target are correlated. The penetration of L-band radar waves into vegetated and nonvegetated surfaces is analyzed.
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Sleber, A. J. (Deutsche Forschungs- und Versuchsanstalt fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt Freiburg, Germany)
Hartl, P. (Stuttgart Univ. Hannover, Germany)
Haydn, R. (Ludwig-Maximilians Univ.)
Hildebrandt, G. (Freiburg Univ.)
Konecny, G. (Technische Univ.)
Muehlfeld, R. (Federal Inst. for Geoscience and Natural Resources)
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August 12, 2013
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July 1, 1984
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Publication: JPL The SIR-B Sci. Invest. Plan
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