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Evaluation of the radar response to land surfaces and volumes: Examination of theoretical models, target statistics, and applicationsFour areas of L-band radar remote sensing of terrain were examined: (1) the behavior of the radar backscatter coefficient of distributed surface and volumes as a function of the targets' dielectric and geometric parameters and as a fnction of their physical parameters; (2) the correspondence of the angular behavior of the relative backscatter coefficient as extracted from SIR-B digital imagery and truck mounted L-band scatterometer measurements for about 100 fields; (3) the statistical behavior of SIR-B image density for targets that appear homogeneous on Thematic Mapper (TM) optical imagery and/or color IR photography; and (4) the applicability of SIR-B imagery both alone and in conjunction with TM imagery for the classification and monitoring of land cover and renewable resources.
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Ulaby, F. T. (Kansas Univ. Center for Research, Inc. Lawrence, KS, United States)
Fung, A. K. (Kansas Univ. Center for Research, Inc. Lawrence, KS, United States)
Dobson, M. C. (Kansas Univ. Center for Research, Inc. Lawrence, KS, United States)
Cihlar, J. (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Ottawa, United States)
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August 12, 2013
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July 1, 1984
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Publication: JPL The SIR-B Sci. Invest. Plan
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