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The vector magnetograph of the Sayan Solar ObservatoryThe problem of choosing an optimum scheme for the electrooptical analyzer of polarization and related control principles are discussed. An electrooptical deflector, which is advantageously used to employ a single photodetector and to remove systematic errors inherent in magnetographs with two photodetectors in the wings of the line is discussed, as well as adjustment errors of optical elements of the polarization analyzer and errors of control voltages. A method for measuring the telescope's polarization matrix, reduction of magnetographic measurements for instrumental polarization and calibration of magnetograph channels are examined. Questions of evaluating scattered light and of reducing magnetic field measurements are also considered as a computational procedure for the magnetic field vector parameters is briefly outlined. Computer control of the solar magnetograph and of the processing and control system software is discussed.
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Conference Paper
Grigoryev, V. M. (Academy of Sciences (USSR) Irkutsk, Ussr)
Kobanov, N. I. (Academy of Sciences (USSR) Irkutsk, Ussr)
Osak, B. F. (Academy of Sciences (USSR) Irkutsk, Ussr)
Selivanov, V. L. (Academy of Sciences (USSR) Irkutsk, Ussr)
Stepanov, V. E. (Academy of Sciences (USSR) Irkutsk, Ussr)
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August 12, 2013
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May 1, 1985
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Publication: NASA. Marshall Space Flight Center Meas. of Solar Vector Magnetic Fields
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