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MCZ: Striations in CZ silicon crystals grown under various axial magnetic field strengthsSuppression of fluid flow instabilities in the melt by the axial magnetic field in Czochralski silicon crystal growth (AMCZ) is investigated precisely by a high-sensitivity striation etching in conjunction with temperature measurements. The magnetic strength (B) was varied up to 4.0 kG, incremented in 0.5 kG/5 cm crystal length. The convection flow was substantially suppressed at B 1.0 kG. A low oxygen level of 2-3 ppma and a high resistivity of 400 ohm-cm is achieved in the AMCZ silicon crystals at B 1.0 kG. Details of the striation formation as a function of B are presented. Computer simulation of the magnetohydrodynamics of the AMCZ silicon crystal growth are discussed briefly with regard to the solute, especially oxygen segregation at B=0, 1.0, and 2.0 kG. Earlier studies in the inverted Bridgman growth of InSb and Ge, which have established the cause and effect relationship between the convection in the melt and the striation formation as well as the suppression of the convections in the melt by transverse magnetic field are reviewed.
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Kim, G. K. M.
(International Business Machines Corp. Hopewell Junction, NY, United States)
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August 12, 2013
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August 15, 1985
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Publication: JPL Proceedings of the Flat-Plate Solar Array Project Workshop
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Solid-State Physics
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