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Advanced fuel cell concepts for future NASA missionsStudies of primary fuel cells for advanced all electric shuttle type vehicles show an all fuel cell power system with peak power capability of 100's of kW to be potentially lighter and have lower life cycle costs than a hybrid system using advanced H2O2 APU's for peak power and fuel cells for low power on orbit. Fuel cell specific weights of 1 to 3 lb/kW, a factor of 10 improvement over the orbiter power plant, are projected for the early 1990's. For satellite applications, a study to identify high performance regenerative hydrogen oxygen fuel cell concepts for geosynchronous orbit was completed. Emphasis was placed on concepts with the potential for high energy density (Wh/lb) and passive means for water and heat management to maximize system reliability. Both alkaline electrolyte and polymer membrane fuel cells were considered.
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Conference Paper
Stedman, J. K.
(International Fuel Cells Corp. South Windsor, CT, United States)
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September 5, 2013
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September 1, 1987
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Publication: NASA-Lewis Research Center, Space Electrochemical Research and Technology (SERT)
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Energy Production And Conversion
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