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Overview of computational control research at UT AustinAn overview of current research activities at UT Austin is presented to discuss certain technical issues in the following areas: (1) Computer-Aided Nonlinear Control Design: In this project, the describing function method is employed for the nonlinear control analysis and design of a flexible spacecraft equipped with pulse modulated reaction jets. INCA program has been enhanced to allow the numerical calculation of describing functions as well as the nonlinear limit cycle analysis capability in the frequency domain; (2) Robust Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) Compensator Synthesis: Robust control design techniques and software tools are developed for flexible space structures with parameter uncertainty. In particular, an interactive, robust multivariable control design capability is being developed for INCA program; and (3) LQR-Based Autonomous Control System for the Space Station: In this project, real time implementation of LQR-based autonomous control system is investigated for the space station with time-varying inertias and with significant multibody dynamic interactions.
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Conference Paper
Bong, Wie (Texas Univ. Austin, TX, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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December 15, 1989
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Publication: Jet Propulsion Lab., California Inst. of Tech., Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Conference on Aerospace Computational Control, Volume 2
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