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Use of high-dimensional spectral data to evaluate organic matter, reflectance relationships in soilsRecent breakthroughs in remote sensing technology have led to the development of a spaceborne high spectral resolution imaging sensor, HIRIS, to be launched in the mid-1990s for observation of earth surface features. The effects of organic carbon content on soil reflectance over the spectral range of HIRIS, and to examine the contributions of humic and fulvic acid fractions to soil reflectance was evaluated. Organic matter from four Indiana agricultural soils was extracted, fractionated, and purified, and six individual components of each soil were isolated and prepared for spectral analysis. The four soils, ranging in organic carbon content from 0.99 percent, represented various combinations of genetic parameters such as parent material, age, drainage, and native vegetation. An experimental procedure was developed to measure reflectance of very small soil and organic component samples in the laboratory, simulating the spectral coverage and resolution of the HIRIS sensor. Reflectance in 210 narrow (10 nm) bands was measured using the CARY 17D spectrophotometer over the 400 to 2500 nm wavelength range. Reflectance data were analyzed statistically to determine the regions of the reflective spectrum which provided useful information about soil organic matter content and composition. Wavebands providing significant information about soil organic carbon content were located in all three major regions of the reflective spectrum: visible, near infrared, and middle infrared. The purified humic acid fractions of the four soils were separable in six bands in the 1600 to 2400 nm range, suggesting that longwave middle infrared reflectance may be useful as a non-destructive laboratory technique for humic acid characterization.
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Henderson, T. L.
(Purdue Univ. West Lafayette, IN, United States)
Baumgardner, M. F.
(Purdue Univ. West Lafayette, IN, United States)
Coster, D. C.
(Purdue Univ. West Lafayette, IN, United States)
Franzmeier, D. P.
(Purdue Univ. West Lafayette, IN, United States)
Stott, D. E.
(Purdue Univ. West Lafayette, IN, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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January 1, 1990
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Earth Resources And Remote Sensing
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NAS 1.26:186650
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