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Characterization of blood drawn rapidly for use in blood volume expansion studies: An animal model for simulated weightlessnessIt was demonstrated that up to 8ml of blood can be drawn from donar rats without significantly increasing volume and stress sensitive hormones, and thus can be used for volume expansion studies. Infusion of whole blood allows more physiological changes that can be seen with volume expansion by saline or other ionic solutions. The infusion of whole blood to induce hypervolemia may provide an improved model to study the fluid balance and control mechanisms operative in weightlessness. Blood samples were drawn as quickly as possible from femoral artery catheters chronically implanted in Sprague Dawley rats and analyzed for hematocrit, plasma sodium, potassium, osmolality, corticosterone, epinepherine, norepinephrine, and vasopressin. The levels were found to be comparable to those of normal rats.
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Conference Paper
Chenault, V. Michelle
(Wake Forest Univ. Winston-Salem, NC, United States)
Lynch, Colleen D.
(Wake Forest Univ. Winston-Salem, NC, United States)
Morris, Mariana
(Wake Forest Univ. Winston-Salem, NC, United States)
Clodfelter, Jill
(Wake Forest Univ. Winston-Salem, NC, United States)
Hutchins, Phillip M.
(Wake Forest Univ. Winston-Salem, NC, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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April 1, 1990
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Publication: NASA. Lewis Research Center, Vision-21: Space Travel for the Next Millennium
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Life Sciences (General)
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