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Ocean dynamics in the Nordic Seas using satellite altimetryThe main objective of this TOPEX/POSEIDON project is to integrate the accurately measured sea surface topography, as resolved by both TOPEX/POSEIDON radar altimeters, into the above-mentioned quantitative studies of the short- and long-term variations in the mesoscale ocean dynamics of the Nordic Seas south of 66 deg N. This implies: (1) comparison and validation of the capability to resolve the general basin-scale circulation and the mesoscale variability by, respectively, radar altimeters and numerical ocean circulation models; (2) calibration and validation of the altimeter-derived sea surface topography against in situ measurements from research vessels and moorings, particularly under extreme wind and wave conditions; and (3) improved monitoring and understanding of the flux variations between the North Atlantic and the Nordic Seas, both on the short and seasonal time scales.
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Pettersson, Lasse H.
(Nansen Ocean and Remote Sensing Center Solheimsvik, Norway)
Johannessen, O. M.
(Nansen Ocean and Remote Sensing Center Solheimsvik, Norway)
Olaussen, T. I.
(Nansen Ocean and Remote Sensing Center Solheimsvik, Norway)
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August 16, 2013
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September 1, 1991
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Publication: JPL, TOPEX(Poseidon Science Investigations Plan
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