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Oceanic transports of mass, heat, and salt in the western North PacificAn optimum orbit of the satellite will be presented for confirmation of estimates of tides and interpolation errors. Hydrographic surveys complementary to the routine surveys will be planned in Phase 1 by using research vessels belonging to Japanese universities. Direction measurements of oceanic transports with moored current meters and shipborne acoustic Doppler velocimeters will be planned for selected sections as an activity of the Japan-WOCE (World Ocean Circulation Experiment) Project. In the operational phase of TOPEX/POSEIDON, the delivered altimeter data will be used for the computation of surface geostrophic velocities to be applied in the hydrographic sections of the Japan Meteorological Agency, Hydrographic Department, Japan Fisheries Agency, and the universities. The estimates of transports are made by the co-investigators of each agency. The composite of the transports in the circulations will be made at the Japan Oceanographic Data Center. The direct measurements of current velocity and transports will be made mainly by the principal investigator.
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Taira, K.
(Tokyo Univ. Japan)
Mori, T.
(Japan Oceanographic Data Center Tokyo., United States)
Saiki, M.
(Japan Meteorological Agency Tokyo., United States)
Nishida, H.
(Maritime Safety Agency Tokyo, Japan)
Matsumura, S.
(Japan Oceanographic Data Center Tokyo., United States)
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August 16, 2013
Publication Date
September 1, 1991
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Publication: JPL, TOPEX(Poseidon Science Investigations Plan
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