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A TOPEX/Poseidon study of oceanic effects on observations of the Earth's interiorThe primary objective of our research program is the application of TOPEX/POSEIDON oceanic data to the study of various geophysical observations, thereby improving our knowledge of the Earth's interior. Observations of the Earth's solid tides, rotation, time-dependent gravity, and crustal deformation provide potentially useful constraints on properties of the solid Earth and its liquid core, but all these parameters are also sensitive to oceanic effects. Depending on the type of observation, those effects are usually either removed by modeling (often using particularly simple assumptions about the dynamics of the ocean) or ignored entirely. Useful oceanic data are rarely available. In many cases, the uncertainty in the oceanic correction is the main source of error in the geophysical interpretation of the results. We describe, below several of these geophysical observations, how their interpretation in terms of the Earth's interior is affected by the oceans, and how data from the TOPEX/POSEIDON mission can be used to improve this situation.
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Wahr, John
(Colorado Univ. Boulder, CO, United States)
Benton, N.
(Colorado Univ. Boulder, CO, United States)
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August 16, 2013
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September 1, 1991
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Publication: JPL, TOPEX(Poseidon Science Investigations Plan
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