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the proposed nasa lunar-based astronomical observatoriesPlans for constructing permanent lunar bases and observatories under the Space Exploration Initiative are examined. The advantages of the lunar environment for astronomical observations are briefly reviewed, and the proposed lunar facilities are discussed. In particular, attention is given to a lunar optical interferometer, a submillimeter interferometer, a VLF radio array on the lunar far side, a large optical telescope, and a large installation for detecting gravitational waves. Each of the proposed instruments and their capabilities and configurations are discussed, as are possible experiments that may reduce the uncertainty and risk involved in setting up these facilities.
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Conference Paper
Swanson, Paul N.
(JPL Pasadena, CA, United States)
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August 16, 2013
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January 1, 1992
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Publication: In: Engineering, construction, and operations in space III: Space '92; Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference, Denver, CO, May 31-June 4, 1992. Vol. 2 (A93-41976 17-12)
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