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Equations, tables, and charts for compressible flowThis report, which is a revision and extension of NACA-TN-1428, presents a compilation of equations, tables, and charts useful in the analysis of high-speed flow of a compressible fluid. The equations provide relations for continuous one-dimensional flow, normal and oblique shock waves, and Prandtl-Meyer expansions for both perfect and imperfect gases. The tables present useful dimensionless ratios for continuous one-dimensional flow and for normal shock waves as functions of Mach number for air considered as a perfect gas. One series of charts presents the characteristics of the flow of air (considered a perfect gas) for oblique shock waves and for cones in a supersonic air stream. A second series shows the effects of caloric imperfections on continuous one-dimensional flow and on the flow through normal and oblique shock waves. (author)
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September 6, 2013
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January 1, 1953
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