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Design and implementation considerations of a MSAT packet data networkThe Mobile Data System, which is intended to provide for packet switched data services is currently under development. The system is based on a star network topology consisting of a centralized Data Hub (DH) serving a large number of mobile terminals. Through the Data Hub, end-to-end connections can be established between terrestrial users on public or private data networks and mobile users. The MDS network will be capable of offering a variety of services some of which are based on the standard X.25 network interface protocol, and others optimized for short messages and broadcast messages. A description of these services and the trade-offs in the DH design are presented.
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Conference Paper
Karam, Fouad G.
(Telesat Mobile Inc., Ottawa Ontario, Canada)
Hearn, Terry
(Westinghouse Electric Corp. Baltimore, MD., United States)
Rohr, Doug
(Westinghouse Canada, Inc. Hamilton, Ontario., Canada)
Guibord, Arthur F.
(Telesat Mobile Inc., Ottawa Ontario, Canada)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1993
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Publication: JPL, Proceedings of the Third International Mobile Satellite Conference (IMSC 1993)
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Communications And Radar
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