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Measurement of multipath delay profile in land mobile satellite channelsMobile satellite communication channel has been evaluated mainly with fading statistics of signal. When bandwidth of transmitting signal becomes wider, frequency selectivity of fading becomes a significant factor of the channel. Channel characteristics, not only signal variation but multipath delay spread should be evaluated. A multipath measurement system is proposed and developed for mobile satellite applications. With this system and ETS-V satellite, multipath delay profiles are measured in various environments including Tokyo metropolis and Sapporo city at 1.5 GHz. Results show that the maximum excess delay is within 1 microsec and the maximum delay spread is 0.2 microsecs at elevation angles of 40 to 47 degrees. In wideband signal transmission of about 1 MHz and more, designers should consider the effect of selective fading due to the multipath of land mobile satellite channel.
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Conference Paper
Ikegami, Tetsushi
(Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Kashima, Japan)
Arakaki, Yoshiya
(Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Kashima, Japan)
Wakana, Hiromitsu
(Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Kashima, Japan)
Suzuki, Ryutaro
(Ministry of Education Chiba, Japan)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1993
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Publication: JPL, Proceedings of the Third International Mobile Satellite Conference (IMSC 1993)
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Communications And Radar
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