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Development and demonstration of a telerobotic excavation systemOak Ridge National Laboratory is developing remote excavation technologies for the Department of Energy's Office (DOE) of Technology Development, Robotics Technology Development Program, and also for the Department of Defense (DOD) Project Manager for Ammunition Logistics. This work is being done to meet the need for remote excavation and removal of radioactive and contaminated buried waste at several DOE sites and unexploded ordnance at DOD sites. System requirements are based on the need to uncover and remove waste from burial sites in a way that does not cause unnecessary personnel exposure or additional environmental contamination. Goals for the current project are to demonstrate dexterous control of a backhoe with force feedback and to implement robotic operations that will improve productivity. The Telerobotic Small Emplacement Excavator is a prototype system that incorporates the needed robotic and telerobotic capabilities on a commercially available platform. The ability to add remote dexterous teleoperation and robotic operating modes is intended to be adaptable to other commercially available excavator systems.
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Conference Paper
Burks, Barry L.
(Oak Ridge National Lab. TN, United States)
Thompson, David H.
(Oak Ridge National Lab. TN, United States)
Killough, Stephen M.
(Oak Ridge National Lab. TN, United States)
Dinkins, Marion A.
(Oak Ridge National Lab. TN, United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1994
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Publication: NASA. Johnson Space Center, The Seventh Annual Workshop on Space Operations Applications and Research (SOAR 1993), Volume 1
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Mechanical Engineering
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