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Li-6/Li-7, B-10/B-11, and Li-7/B-11/Si-28 individual IDPsAt the initial stage of the development of our solar system, the solar nebula is presumably composed of H-1, H-2, He-3, He-4, and Li-7, which were made during the Big Band, and C, N, O, . . ., which are products of nearby supernova explosions. Li-6 nuclei (together with about equal amounts of Li-7), Be-9, B-10, and B-11 were produced later by cosmic ray particles bombarding the local interstellar C, N, O, . . . nuclei before the nebula condensed to become the Sun and the planets. Thus, the ratio Li-6/Li-7 is a measure of the length of the early epoch of the solar system. In this paper we shall report the measurement of Li-7/Li-6, B-11/B-10, and Li-7/B-11/Si-28 of four IDP's obtained from Johnson Space Center and discuss the findings.
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Conference Paper
Xu, Y.-L. (Academia Sinica Nanking, China)
Song, L.-G. (Academia Sinica Nanking, China)
Zhang, Y.-X. (Academia Sinica Nanking, China)
Fan, C.-Y. (Academia Sinica Nanking, China)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1994
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Publication: Lunar and Planetary Inst., Workshop on the Analysis of Interplanetary Dust Particles
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