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Measurements of stratospheric odd nitrogen at Arrival Heights, Antarctica, in 1991An FTIR spectrometer was installed at Arrival Heights, Antarctica (78 deg S, 167 deg E) in February 1991 to measure the evolution of stratospheric HNO3 during the year. In particular, it was the intention to make the first observations of HNO3 trends during autumn, concurrently with ongoing measurements of column NO2 made with a grating spectrometer. The time-series of NO2 in the Antarctic shows a rapid decline in the column amount during autumn, and a slow recovery in spring, as the photochemical conditions move the species to and from higher storage reservoirs. The new nitric acid data show for the first time that during autumn the vertical column increases from approximately 1.9 x 10(exp 16) molecule cm(exp -2) at day 30 to approximately 3.1 x 10(exp 16) molecule cm(exp -2) by day 100. When the sun returns in spring, it is found that the column amount has fallen to about half the value at the end of autumn. Spring amounts are variable, but as found in the data from previous years remain low inside the vortex. The autumn increase is attributed to the heterogeneous conversion of N2O5 to gas-phase HNO3 on background aerosols. Low nitric acid column amounts at the start of spring suggest that the HNO3 has moved from the gas to the condensed phase on polar stratospheric clouds with the advent of low temperatures during the polar night.
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Keys, J. Gordon (National Inst. of Water and Atmospheric Research Lauder, New Zealand)
Johnston, Paul V. (National Inst. of Water and Atmospheric Research Lauder, New Zealand)
Blatherwick, R. D. (National Inst. of Water and Atmospheric Research Lauder, New Zealand)
Murcray, Frank J. (National Inst. of Water and Atmospheric Research Lauder, New Zealand)
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September 6, 2013
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April 1, 1994
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Publication: NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center, Ozone in the Troposphere and Stratosphere, Part 2
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