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Effects of the Mount Pinatubo eruption on the radiative and chemical processes in the troposphere and stratosphereThe Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory two-dimensional zonally-averaged chemical-radiative-transport model of the global atmosphere was used to study the effects of the 15 June 1991 eruption of the Mt. Pinatubo volcano on stratospheric processes. SAGE 2 time-dependent aerosol surface area density and optical extinction data were used as input into the model. By 22 December 1991, a maximum equatorial change of -1.8 percent in column ozone was derived from heterogeneous chemical processes that convert NO(x) into HNO3 on sulfuric acid aerosols. Radiative feedbacks from increased aerosol optical thickness independently changes column ozone by approximately -3.5 percent for the same period. This occurs from increasing the net heating of the lower stratosphere, which indirectly increases chemical reaction rates via their temperature dependence and from changes in actinic fluxes, which directly modify photodissociation rates. Including both heterogeneous and radiative effects changes column ozone by -5.5 percent. The model-derived change overestimates the decrease in column ozone relative to the TOMS instrument on the Nimbus 7 satellite. Maximum local ozone decreases of 12 percent were derived in the equatorial region, at 25 km. Model-derived column NO2 peaked (-14 percent) at 30 deg S in October 1991. The timing of the NO2 peak is consistent with observation, but the model underestimates the magnitude of the decrease. Local concentrations of NO(x) (NO + NO2), ClO(x) (Cl + ClO), and HO(x) (OH + HO2), in the lower stratosphere between 30 deg S and 30 deg N, were calculated to have changed by -40 percent, +100 to +160 percent, and +120 to +140 percent respectively.
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Kinnison, Douglas E. (Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Livermore, CA, United States)
Grant, Keith E. (Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Livermore, CA, United States)
Connell, Peter S. (Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Livermore, CA, United States)
Wuebbles, Donald J. (Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Livermore, CA, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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April 1, 1994
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Publication: NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center, Ozone in the Troposphere and Stratosphere, Part 2
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