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Inclusion of the second Umkehr in the conventional Umkehr retrieval analysis as a means of improving ozone retrievals in the upper stratosphereThe Umkehr method for retrieving the gross features of the vertical ozone distribution requires measurements of the ratio of zenith-sky radiances at two wavelengths in the near-UV region while the solar zenith angle (SZA) changes from 60 to 90 degrees. A Brewer spectrophotometer was used for taking such measurements extending the SZA range down to 96 degrees. Analyzed data from the Spring of 1991 imply that observations at twilight are of great significance in improving ozone retrievals in the upper stratosphere. Judged by the variance reduction for Umkehr layers 9 to 12 (25-30 percent for layer 11) and the increase in separation and amplitude of the averaging kernels for the relevant layers, the ozone retrievals in the upper stratosphere are shown to be in better agreement with climatological means.
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Conference Paper
Gioulgkidis, Konstantinos (University of Western Ontario London Ontario, Canada)
Lowe, Robert P. (University of Western Ontario London Ontario, Canada)
Mcelroy, C. Tom (University of Western Ontario London Ontario, Canada)
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September 6, 2013
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April 1, 1994
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Publication: NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center, Ozone in the Troposphere and Stratosphere, Part 2
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