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Surface Tension Driven Convection Experiment (STDCE)Results are reported of the Surface Tension Driven Convection Experiment (STDCE) aboard the USML-1 (first United States Microgravity Laboratory) Spacelab which was launched on June 25, 1992. In the experiment 10 cSt silicone oil was placed in an open circular container which was 10 cm wide by 5 cm deep. The fluid was heated either by a cylindrical heater (1.11 cm dia.) located along the container centerline or by a CO2 laser beam to induce thermocapillary flow. The flow field was studied by flow visualization. Several thermistor probes were placed in the fluid to measure the temperature distribution. The temperature distribution along the liquid free surface was measured by an infrared imager. Tests were conducted over a range of heating powers, laser beam diameters, and free surface shapes. In conjunction with the experiments an extensive numerical modeling of the flow was conducted. In this paper some results of the velocity and temperature measurements with flat and curved free surfaces are presented and they are shown to agree well with the numerical predictions.
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Conference Paper
Ostrach, Simon (Case Western Reserve Univ. Cleveland, OH., United States)
Kamotani, Y. (Case Western Reserve Univ. Cleveland, OH., United States)
Pline, A. (NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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May 1, 1994
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Publication: NASA. Marshall Space Flight Center, Joint Launch + One Year Science Review of USML-1 and USMP-1 with the Microgravity Measurement Group
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