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Japan's electronic packaging technologiesThe JTEC panel found Japan to have significant leadership over the United States in the strategic area of electronic packaging. Many technologies and products once considered the 'heart and soul' of U.S. industry have been lost over the past decades to Japan and other Asian countries. The loss of consumer electronics technologies and products is the most notable of these losses, because electronics is the United States' largest employment sector and is critical for growth businesses in consumer products, computers, automobiles, aerospace, and telecommunications. In the past there was a distinction between consumer and industrial product technologies. While Japan concentrated on the consumer market, the United States dominated the industrial sector. No such distinction is anticipated in the future; the consumer-oriented technologies Japan has dominated are expected to characterize both domains. The future of U.S. competitiveness will, therefore, depend on the ability of the United States to rebuild its technological capabilities in the area of portable electronic packaging.
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Tummala, Rao R. (Georgia Inst. of Tech. Atlanta, GA., United States)
Pecht, Michael (Maryland Univ. College Park, MD., United States)
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August 16, 2013
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February 1, 1995
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Publication: JTEC Panel Report on Electronic Manufacturing and Packaging in Japan
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