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Three two-week enhancement institutes: Design and implementation of the technology and telecomputing componentThe Teacher Enhancement Institute (TEI), under the direction of the Center Education Programs Officer offered three two-week workshops to 58 elementary and middle school teachers in science, math, and technology using the Problem Based Learning Model. The 1995 program was designed with input from evaluations and recommendations from previous TEI participants and faculty. The TEI focused on Aviation and Aeronautics as the unifying theme. Four specific objectives were developed. After completing the requirements for the TEI, the participants should be able to: (1) Increase their content knowledge, particularly in aeronautics, science, math, and technology; (2) Design and implement lessons that use scientific inquiry through Problem Based Learning; (3) Demonstrate knowledge of instructional technologies, their uses, and applications to curricula; and (4) Disseminate to their school communities the information acquired through the TEI. Thirty percent of the program was devoted to the effective use of computer technology. SpaceLink, the NASA telecomputing service for educators, was the primary tool used in the technology component of the institute. The training focused on the use of SpaceLink and its many educational services, and Internet tools because of its universal, nongraphical link to any computer plafform the participant may use at his or her school or home. All participants were given Educator Accounts to facilitate the use of E-mail, and access to the Internet and the World Wide Web using their SpaceLink accounts. Classroom demonstrations used videotaped guides and handouts to support concepts presented followed by intensive hands-on activities. Each participant was assigned to an individual Power Mac networked workstation and introduced to the state of the art, graphical, Word Wide Web with the Netscape browser. The methodology proved very effective in reaching the program's goals for technology integration by having the participants learn to use the computer as a tool for communication and research rather than teaching the use of any particular software application alone. However, because of the skill level of the majority of the participants, more hands-on computer time is recommended for future Teacher Enhancement Institutes.
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Hale, L. Vincent
(Christopher Newport Coll. Newport News, VA United States)
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August 17, 2013
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December 1, 1995
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Publication: The 1995 NASA-ODU American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Summer Faculty Fellowship Program
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Computer Operations And Hardware
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