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Simultaneous measurements of L- and S-band tree shadowing for space-Earth communicationsWe present results from simultaneous L- and S-Band slant-path fade measurements through trees. One circularly-polarized antenna was used at each end of the dual-frequency link to provide information on the correlation of tree shadowing at 1620 and 2500 MHz. Fades were measured laterally in the shadow region with 5 cm spacing. Fade differences between L- and S-Band had a normal distribution with low means and standard deviations from 5.2 to 7.5 dB. Spatial variations occurred with periods larger than 1-2 wavelengths. Swept measurements over 160 MHz spans showed that the stdv. of power as function of frequency increased from approximately 1-6 dB at locations with mean fades of 4 and 20 dB, respectively. At a 5 dB fade, the central 90% of fade slopes were within a range of 0.7 (1.9) dB/MHz at L-(S-) Band.
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Conference Paper
Vogel, Wolfhard J. (Texas Univ. Austin, TX United States)
Torrence, Geoffrey W. (Texas Univ. Austin, TX United States)
Lin, Hsin P. (Texas Univ. Austin, TX United States)
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August 17, 2013
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January 1, 1995
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Publication: Proceedings of the Fourth International Mobile Satellite Conference (IMSC 1995)
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Communications and Radar
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