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the use of structural-acoustic techniques to assess potential structural damage from sonic boomsThe potential impact of supersonic operations includes structural damage from the sonic boom overpressure. This paper describes a study of how structural-acoustic modeling and testing techniques may be used to assess the potential for such damage in the absence of actual flyovers. Procedures are described whereby transfer functions relating structural response to sonic boom signature may be obtained with a stationary acoustic source and appropriate data processing. Further, by invoking structural-acoustic reciprocity, these transfer functions may also be acquired by measuring the radiated sound from the structure under a mechanical drive. The approach is based on the fundamental assumption of linearity, both with regard to the (acoustic) propagation of the boom in the vicinity of the structure and to the structure's response. Practical issues revolve around acoustic far field and source directivity requirements. The technique was implemented on a specially fabricated test structure at Edwards AFB, CA with the support of Wyle Laboratories, Inc. Blank shots from a cannon served as our acoustic source and taps from an instrumented hammer generated the mechanical drive. Simulated response functions were constructed. Results of comparisons with corresponding measurements recorded during dedicated supersonic flyovers with F-15 aircraft are presented for a number of sensor placements.
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Conference Paper
Garrelick, Joel
(Cambridge Acoustical Associates, Inc. Medford, MA United States)
Martini, Kyle
(Cambridge Acoustical Associates, Inc. Medford, MA United States)
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August 17, 2013
Publication Date
July 1, 1996
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Publication: The 1995 NASA High-Speed Research Program Sonic Boom Workshop
Volume: 1
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