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Nonlinear Dynamics of a Foil Bearing Supported Rotor System: Simulation and AnalysisFoil bearings provide noncontacting rotor support through a number of thin metal strips attached around the circumference of a stator and separated from the rotor by a fluid film. The resulting support stiffness is dominated by the characteristics of the foils and is a nonlinear function of the rotor deflection. The present study is concerned with characterizing this nonlinear effect and investigating its influence on rotordynamical behavior. A finite element model is developed for an existing bearing, the force versus deflection relation characterized, and the dynamics of a sample rotor system are studied. Some conclusions are discussed with regard to appropriate ranges of operation for such a system.
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Li, Feng
(Auburn Univ. AL United States)
Flowers, George T.
(Auburn Univ. AL United States)
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August 17, 2013
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October 1, 1996
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Publication: Influence of Back-Up Bearings and Support Structure Dynamics on the Behavior of Rotors With Active Supports
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Mechanical Engineering
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