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The Remarkable Herbig Ae Star V351 OriThe photometric behavior of the Herbig Ae star V351 Ori was investigated combining data from the literature with new photometry. It is shown that this object changed from a Herbig Ae star with strong photometric variations, due to extinction by circumstellar dust clouds, to that of an almost non-variable star. Such a behavior is not unique; it has been found also in the star BN Ori. This suggests that such transitions as well as the opposite must occur quite often during the evolution of these intermediate mass stars towards the main-sequence. A provisional model to explain V351 Ori's behavior, in which it is assumed that a temporarily strong accretion of matter onto the star took place, is proposed.
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Ames Research Center
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Conference Paper
vandenAncker, M. E.
(Amsterdam Univ. Netherlands)
The, P. S.
(Amsterdam Univ. Netherlands)
deWinter, D.
(Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Spain)
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August 17, 2013
Publication Date
October 1, 1996
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Publication: From Stardust to Planetesimals: Contributed Papers
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