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High Performance Nickel Electrodes for Space Power ApplicationsPerformance characteristics such as efficiency, specific energy density and power density of nickel electrodes are generally limited by the electrode microstructure and nature of the active material within the electrode matrix. Progress is being made in our laboratory in a collaborative effort with NASA-Lewis Research Center to develop lighter weight, mechanically stable and highly efficient nickel electrodes for aerospace applications. Our approach is based on an electrode microstructure fabricated from a mixture of nickel fibers as small as 2 microns diameter and cellulose fibers. Performance data in flooded cell tests and cycle life data are presented. Performance characteristics are compared to other electrode microstructures such as the Fibrex Fiber mat and the Fibrex Powder substrate. The flexibility of our electrode microstructure and the significant advantages it offers in terms of weight and performance are demonstrated, in particular, its ability to accept charge at high rates and to discharge at high rates.
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Conference Paper
Adanuvor, Prosper K.
(Auburn Univ. AL United States)
Pearson, Johnnie A.
(Auburn Univ. AL United States)
Miller, Brian
(Auburn Univ. AL United States)
Tatarchuk, Bruce
(Auburn Univ. AL United States)
Britton, Doris L.
(NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Date Acquired
August 17, 2013
Publication Date
December 1, 1996
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Publication: Space Electrochemical Research and Technology
Subject Category
Energy Production And Conversion
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