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A Novel Unitized Regenerative Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellA difficulty encountered in designing a unitized regenerative proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell lies in the incompatibility of electrode structures and electrocatalyst materials optimized for either of the two functions (fuel cell or electrolyzer) with the needs of the other function. This difficulty is compounded in previous regenerative fuel cell designs by the fact that water, which is needed for proton conduction in the PEM during both modes of operation, is the reactant supplied to the anode in the electrolyzer mode of operation and the product formed at the cathode in the fuel cell mode. Drawbacks associated with existing regenerative fuel cells have been addressed. In a first innovation, electrodes function either as oxidation electrodes (hydrogen ionization or oxygen evolution) or as reduction electrodes (oxygen reduction or hydrogen evolution) in the fuel cell and electrolyzer modes, respectively. Control of liquid water within the regenerative fuel cell has been brought about by a second innovation. A novel PEM has been developed with internal channels that permit the direct access of water along the length of the membrane. Lateral diffusion of water along the polymer chains of the PEM provides the water needed at electrode/PEM interfaces. Fabrication of the novel single cell unitized regenerative fuel cell and results obtained on testing it are presented.
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Conference Paper
Murphy, O. J.
(Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX United States)
Cisar, A. J.
(Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX United States)
Gonzalez-Martin, A.
(Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX United States)
Salinas, C. E.
(Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX United States)
Simpson, S. F.
(Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX United States)
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August 17, 2013
Publication Date
December 1, 1996
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Publication: Space Electrochemical Research and Technology
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Energy Production And Conversion
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