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Fuel Cell Systems for First Lunar Outpost: Reactant Storage OptionsA Lunar Surface Power Working Group was formed to review candidate systems for providing power to the first lunar outpost habitat. The working group concluded that the most attractive candidate included a photovoltaic unit, a fuel cell, a regenerator to recycle the reactants, and storage of oxygen and hydrogen gases. Most of the volume (97 percent) and weight (64 percent) are taken up by the reactants and their storage tank. The large volume is difficult to accommodate, and therefore, the working group explored ways of reducing the volume. An alternative approach to providing separate high pressure storage tanks is to use two of the descent stage propellant storage tanks, which would have to be wrapped with graphite fibers to increase their pressure capability. This saves 90 percent of the volume required for storage of fuel cell reactants. Another approach is to use the descent storage propellant tanks for storage of the fuel cell reactants as cryogenic liquids, but his requires a gas liquefication system, increases the solar array by 40 percent, and increases the heat rejection rate by 170 percent compared with storage of reactants as high pressure gases. For a high power system (greater than 20 kW) the larger energy storage requirements would probably favor the cryogenic storage option.
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Nelson, P. A.
(Argonne National Lab. IL United States)
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August 17, 2013
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December 1, 1996
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Publication: Space Electrochemical Research and Technology
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Energy Production And Conversion
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CONTRACT_GRANT: W-31-109-eng-38
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