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Analytic Methods for Predicting Significant Multi-Quanta Effects in Collisional Molecular Energy TransferCollision-induced transitions can significantly affect molecular vibrational-rotational populations and energy transfer in atmospheres and gaseous systems. This, in turn. can strongly influence convective heat transfer through dissociation and recombination of diatomics. and radiative heat transfer due to strong vibrational coupling. It is necessary to know state-to-state rates to predict engine performance and aerothermodynamic behavior of hypersonic flows, to analyze diagnostic radiative data obtained from experimental test facilities, and to design heat shields and other thermal protective systems. Furthermore, transfer rates between vibrational and translational modes can strongly influence energy flow in various 'disturbed' environments, particularly where the vibrational and translational temperatures are not equilibrated.
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Bieniek, Ronald J. (Missouri Univ. Rolla, MO United States)
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August 17, 2013
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October 1, 1996
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Atomic and Molecular Physics
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