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MagLifter Site Investigation and Implementation StrategiesMagLifter, as defined here, is an advanced, earth-bound catapult system to provide the initial lift for earth orbiting vehicles to reduce or eliminate the need for multistage propulsion, thus reducing the cost of orbital space flight. It is presumed that magnetic levitation will catapult the vehicle to a desired initial velocity sufficient for reaching orbit with the vehicles own engines. Of necessity, the system must be located on and around a mountain with sufficient relief to allow the catapult to accelerate the launch vehicle to a sufficient speed in the desired direction to allow it to reach orbit. Such a mountain site must meet criteria consistent with current and future space launch needs and conditions. It is the purpose of this report to set forth preliminary criteria for choosing a suitable maglifter site. The report is divided into four major sections: (1) Assumed Launch System and Flight Vehicle Characteristics; (2) Task 1.A - Initial Site Selection Criteria; (3) Conclusions; and (4) Appendix - Phases of the Site Selection Process.
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Contractor Report (CR)
Burke, Pamela (Colorado Office of Space Advocacy Colorado Springs, CO United States)
Slaughter, Maynard (Colorado Office of Space Advocacy Colorado Springs, CO United States)
Beer, C. Neil (Colorado Office of Space Advocacy Colorado Springs, CO United States)
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September 6, 2013
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November 28, 1995
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Launch Vehicles and Space Vehicles
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NAS 1.26:203492
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