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Characterization of Proteins in Filtrate from Biodegradation of Crop ResidueBiodegradation of plant biomass is a feasible path for transformation of crop residue and recycling of nutrients for crop growth. The need to model the effects of factors associated with recycling of plant biomass resulting from hydroponic sweet potato production has led to investigation of natural soil isolates with the capacity for starch hydrolysis. This study sought to use nondenaturing gel electrophoresis to characterize the proteins present in filtered effluent from bioreactors seeded with starch hydrolyzing bacterial culture used in the biodegradation of senesced sweet potato biomass. The study determined the relative molecular weight of proteins in sampled effluent and the protein banding pattern was characterized. The protein profiles of effluent were similar for samples taken from independent runs under similar conditions of starch hydrolysis. The method can be used as a quality control tool for confirmation of starch hydrolysis of crop biomass. In addition, this method will allow monitoring for presence of contaminants within the system-protein profiles indicative of new enzymes in the bioreactors.
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Conference Paper
Horton, Wileatha
(Tuskegee Inst. AL United States)
Trotman, A. A.
(Tuskegee Inst. AL United States)
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August 17, 2013
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January 1, 1997
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Publication: The First National Student Conference: NASA University Research Centers at Minority Institutions
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Life Sciences (General)
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