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Simulated Hypergravity Alters Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation and MotilityThe cellular effects of gravity are poorly understood due to its constancy and nonavailability of altered gravitational models. Such an understanding is crucial for prolonged space flights. In these studies, we assessed the influence of centrifugation at 6G (HGrav) on vascular smooth muscle (SMC) mobility and proliferation. Cells were: (a) plated at low density and subjected to HGrav for 24-72 hr for proliferation studies, or (b) grown to confluency, subjected to HGrav, mechanically denuded and monitored for cell movement into the denuded area. Controls were maintained under normogravity. SMC showed a 50% inhibition of growth under HGrav and 10% serum; HGrav and low serum resulted in greater growth inhibition. The rate of movement of SMC into the denuded area was 2-3-fold higher under HGrav in low serum compared to controls, but similar in 10% serum. These studies show that HGrav has significant effects on SMC growth and mobility, which are dependent on serum levels.
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Conference Paper
Hunt, Shameka
(Georgia State Univ. Atlanta, GA United States)
Bettis, Barika
(Georgia State Univ. Atlanta, GA United States)
Harris-Hooker, Sandra
(Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta, GA United States)
Sanford, Gary L.
(Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta, GA United States)
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August 17, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1997
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Publication: The First National Student Conference: NASA University Research Centers at Minority Institutions
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Life Sciences (General)
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