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Evaluation of GIS Technology in Assessing and Modeling Land Management PracticesThere is an increasing concern of land owners to protect and maintain healthy and sustainable agroecosystems through the implementation of best management practices (BMP). The objectives of this study were: (1) To develop and evaluate the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) technology for enhancing field-scale management practices; (2) evaluate the use of 2-dimensional displays of the landscape and (3) define spatial classes of variables from interpretation of geostatistical parameters. Soil samples were collected to a depth of 2 m at 15 cm increments. Existing data from topographic, land use, and soil survey maps of the Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station were converted to digital format. Additional soils data which included texture, pH, and organic matter were also generated. The digitized parameters were used to create a multilayered field-scale GIS. Two dimensional (2-D) displays of the parameters were generated using the ARC/INFO software. The spatial distribution of the parameters evaluated in both fields were similar which could be attributed to the similarity in vegetation and surface elevation. The ratio of the nugget to total semivariance, expressed as a percentage, was used to assess the degree of spatial variability. The results indicated that most of the parameters were moderate spatially dependent Biophysical constraint maps were generated from the database layers, and used in multiple combination to visualize results of the BMP. Understanding the spatial relationships of physical and chemical parameters that exists within a field should enable land managers to more effectively implement BMP to ensure a safe and sustainable environment.
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Archer, F.
(Alabama A & M Univ. Normal, AL United States)
Coleman, T. L.
(Alabama A & M Univ. Normal, AL United States)
Manu, A.
(Alabama A & M Univ. Normal, AL United States)
Tadesse, W.
(Alabama A & M Univ. Normal, AL United States)
Liu, G.
(Alabama A & M Univ. Normal, AL United States)
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August 17, 2013
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January 1, 1997
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Publication: The First National Student Conference: NASA University Research Centers at Minority Institutions
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