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Study of SRM Critical Surfaces Using Near Infrared Optical Fiber SpectrometryThe measurement and control of cleanliness for critical surfaces during manufacturing and in service operations provides a unique challenge in the current thrust for environmentally benign processes. Of particular interest has been work performed in maintaining quality in the production of bondline surfaces in propulsion systems and the identification of possible contaminants which are detrimental to the integrity of the bondline. This work requires an in-depth study of the possible sources of contamination, methodologies to identify contaminants, discrimination between contaminants and chemical species caused by environment, and the effect of particular contaminants on the bondline integrity of the critical surfaces. This paper will provide an introduction to the use of Near Infrared (NIR) optical fiber spectrometry in a nondestructive measurement system for process monitoring and how it can be used to help clarify issues concerning surface chemistry. In a previous conference, experimental results for quantitative measurement of silicone and Conoco HD2 greases, and tape residues on solid rocket motor surfaces were presented. This paper will present data for metal hydroxides and discuss the use of the integrating sphere to minimize the effects of physical properties of the surfaces (such as surface roughness) on the results obtained from the chemometric methods used for quantitative analysis.
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Conference Paper
Workman, G. L.
(Alabama Univ. Huntsville, AL United States)
Hughes, C.
(Alabama Univ. Huntsville, AL United States)
Arendale, W. A.
(Alabama Univ. Huntsville, AL United States)
Date Acquired
August 17, 2013
Publication Date
March 1, 1997
Publication Information
Publication: Second Aerospace Environmental Technology Conference
Subject Category
Inorganic And Physical Chemistry
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