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A Competitive Kinetics Study of the Reaction of Cl with CS2 in Air at 298 KThe relative rate technique has been used to investigate the kinetics of the reaction of Cl atoms with carbon disulfide, CS2, at 700 Torr total pressure of air at 298 K. The decay rate of CS2 was measured relative to CH4, CH3Cl and CHF2CL. For experiments using CH4 and CH3Cl references, the decay rate of CS2 was dependent on the ratio of the concentration of the reference to that of CS2. We ascribe this behavior to the generation of OH radicals in the system leading to complicated secondary chemistry. From experiments using CHF2Cl we are able to assign an upper limit of 4 x 10(exp -15) cu cm/(molecule s) for the overall reaction, Cl + CS2 yields products.
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Wallington, Timothy J.
(Ford Motor Co. Dearborn, MI United States)
Andino, Jean M.
(Ford Motor Co. Dearborn, MI United States)
Potts, Alan R.
(Ford Motor Co. Dearborn, MI United States)
Wine, Paul H.
(Georgia Inst. of Tech. Atlanta, GA United States)
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August 17, 2013
Publication Date
April 9, 1997
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Publication: Laboratory Investigations of Stratospheric Halogen Chemistry
ISSN: 0009-2614
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Inorganic And Physical Chemistry
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