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Preliminary Assessment of Using Gelled and Hybrid Propellant Propulsion for VTOL/SSTO Launch SystemsA novel, reusable, Vertical-Takeoff-and-Vertical-Takeoff-and-Landing, Single-Stage-to-Orbit (VTOL/SSTO) launch system concept, named AUGMENT-SSTO, is presented in this paper to help quantify the advantages of employing gelled and hybrid propellant propulsion system options for such applications. The launch vehicle system concept considered uses a highly coupled, main high performance liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen (LO2/LH2) propulsion system, that is used only for launch, while a gelled or hybrid propellant propulsion system auxiliary propulsion system is used during final orbit insertion, major orbit maneuvering, and landing propulsive burn phases of flight. Using a gelled or hybrid propellant propulsion system for major orbit maneuver burns and landing has many advantages over conventional VTOL/SSTO concepts that use LO2/LH2 propulsion system(s) burns for all phases of flight. The applicability of three gelled propellant systems, O2/H2/Al, O2/RP-1/Al, and NTO/MMH/Al, and a state-of-the-art (SOA) hybrid propulsion system are examined in this study. Additionally, this paper addresses the applicability of a high performance gelled O2/H2 propulsion system to perform the primary, as well as the auxiliary propulsion system functions of the vehicle.
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Palaszewski, Bryan
(NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
OLeary, Robert
(Schafer (W. J.) Associates, Inc. Albuquerque, NM United States)
Pelaccio, Dennis G.
(Star Tech Research Corp. Highlands Ranch, CO United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
February 1, 1998
Subject Category
Propellants And Fuels
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NAS 1.15:206306
AIAA Paper 97-3216
Meeting Information
Meeting: Joint Propulsion Conference
Location: Seattle, WA
Country: United States
Start Date: July 7, 1997
End Date: July 9, 1997
Sponsors: Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., American Society for Electrical Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
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PROJECT: RTOP 260-98-09
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