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data management at biosphere 2 centerThroughout the history of Biosphere 2, the collecting and recording of biological data has been sporadic. Currently no active effort to administer and record regular biological surveys is being made. Also, there is no central location, such as an on-site data library, where all records from various studies have been archived. As a research institute, good, complete data records are at the core of all Biosphere 2's scientific endeavors. It is therefore imperative that an effective data management system be implemented within the management and research departments as soon as possible. Establishing this system would require three general phases: (1) Design/implement a new archiving/management program (including storage, cataloging and retrieval systems); (2) Organize and input baseline and intermediate data from existing archives; and (3) Maintain records by inputting new data.
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McCreary, Leone F.
(Barnard Coll. New York, NY United States)
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August 19, 2013
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January 1, 1997
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Publication: Summer Research Internships at Biosphere 2 Center
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Documentation and Information Science
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