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Acoustic Treatment Design Scaling MethodsThe ability to design, build, and test miniaturized acoustic treatment panels on scale-model fan rigs representative of the full-scale engine provides not only a cost-savings, but an opportunity to optimize the treatment by allowing tests of different designs. To be able to use scale model treatment as a full-scale design tool, it is necessary that the designer be able to reliably translate the scale model design and performance to an equivalent full-scale design. The primary objective of the study presented in this volume of the final report was to conduct laboratory tests to evaluate liner acoustic properties and validate advanced treatment impedance models. These laboratory tests include DC flow resistance measurements, normal incidence impedance measurements, DC flow and impedance measurements in the presence of grazing flow, and in-duct liner attenuation as well as modal measurements. Test panels were fabricated at three different scale factors (i.e., full-scale, half-scale, and one-fifth scale) to support laboratory acoustic testing. The panel configurations include single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) perforated sandwich panels, SDOF linear (wire mesh) liners, and double-degree-of-freedom (DDOF) linear acoustic panels.
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Yu, J.
(Rohr Industries, Inc. Chula Vista, CA United States)
Kwan, H. W.
(Rohr Industries, Inc. Chula Vista, CA United States)
Echternach, D. K.
(Rohr Industries, Inc. Chula Vista, CA United States)
Kraft, R. E.
(General Electric Co. Cincinnati, OH United States)
Syed, A. A.
(General Electric Co. Cincinnati, OH United States)
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September 6, 2013
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April 1, 1999
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NAS 1.26:209120/VOL3
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PROJECT: RTOP 538-03-12-02
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