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The HOLO Series: Critical Ground-Based Demonstrations of Holographic Scanning LidarsResults of two lidar measurement campaigns are presented, HOLO-1 (Utah, March 1999) and HOLO-2 (New Hampshire, June 1999). These tests demonstrate the ability of lidars utilizing holographic optical elements (HOEs) to determine tropospheric wind velocity and direction at cloud altitude. Several instruments were employed. HOLO-1 used the 1,064 mm transmission-HOE lidar (HARLIE, Goddard Space Flight Center), a zenith-staring 532 nm lidar (AROL-2, Utah State University), and a wide-field video camera (SkyCam) for imagery of clouds overhead. HOLO-2 included these instruments plus the 532 nm reflection-HOE lidar (PHASERS, St. Anselm College). HARLIE and PHASERS scan the sky at constant cone angles of 45 deg. and 42 deg. from normal, respectively. The progress of clouds and entire cloud fields across the sky is tracked by the repetitive conical scans of the HOE lidars. AROL-2 provides the attitude information enabling the SkyCam cloud images to be analyzed for independent data on cloud motion. Data from the HOE lidars are reduced by means of correlations, visualization by animation techniques, and kinematic diagrams of cloud feature motion. Excellent agreement is observed between the HOE lidar results and those obtained with video imagery and lidar ranging.
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Acquisition Source
Goddard Space Flight Center
Document Type
Conference Paper
Wilkerson, Thomas D.
(Utah State Univ. Logan, UT United States)
Sanders, Jason A.
(Utah State Univ. Logan, UT United States)
Andrus, Ionio Q.
(Utah State Univ. Logan, UT United States)
Schwemmer, Geary K.
(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD United States)
Miller, David O.
(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD United States)
Guerra, David
(Saint Anselm Coll. Manchester, NH United States)
Schnick, Jeffrey
(Saint Anselm Coll. Manchester, NH United States)
Moody, Stephen E.
(Orca Photonic Systems, Inc. Redmond, WA United States)
Date Acquired
August 20, 2013
Publication Date
January 16, 2000
Publication Information
Publication: Lidar Remote Sensing for Industry and Environment Monitoring
Volume: 4153
Subject Category
Communications And Radar
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