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Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Ruthenium-Doped Diamond like Carbon FilmsWe investigated metalorganic precursor deposition using a Microwave Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) plasma for depositing metal-doped diamondlike carbon films. Specifically, the deposition of ruthenium doped diamondlike carbon films was investigated using the decomposition of a novel ruthenium precursor, Bis(ethylcyclopentadienyl)-ruthenium (Ru(C5H4C2H5)2). The ruthenium precursor was introduced close to the substrate stage. The substrate was independently biased using an applied RF power. Films were characterized using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Four Point Probe. The conductivity of the films deposited using ruthenium precursor showed strong dependency on the deposition parameters such as pressure. Ruthenium doped sample showed the presence of diamond crystallites with an average size of approx. 3 nm while un-doped diamondlike carbon sample showed the presence of diamond crystallites with an average size of 11 nm. TEM results showed that ruthenium was atomically dispersed within the amorphous carbon network in the films.
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Conference Paper
Sunkara, M. K.
(Louisville Univ. KY United States)
Ueno, M.
(Louisville Univ. KY United States)
Lian, G.
(Kentucky Univ. Lexington, KY United States)
Dickey, E. C.
(Kentucky Univ. Lexington, KY United States)
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August 20, 2013
Publication Date
July 1, 2001
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Publication: Proceedings of the Sixth Applied Diamond Conference/Second Frontier Carbon Technology Joint Conference (ADC/FCT 2001)
Subject Category
Solid-State Physics
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