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Countermeasure Evaluation and Validation Project (CEVP) Database Requirement DocumentationThe initial focus of the project by the JSC laboratories will be to develop, test and implement a standardized complement of integrated physiological test (Integrated Testing Regimen, ITR) that will examine both system and intersystem function, and will be used to validate and certify candidate countermeasures. The ITR will consist of medical requirements (MRs) and non-MR core ITR tests, and countermeasure-specific testing. Non-MR and countermeasure-specific test data will be archived in a database specific to the CEVP. Development of a CEVP Database will be critical to documenting the progress of candidate countermeasures. The goal of this work is a fully functional software system that will integrate computer-based data collection and storage with secure, efficient, and practical distribution of that data over the Internet. This system will provide the foundation of a new level of interagency and international cooperation for scientific experimentation and research, providing intramural, international, and extramural collaboration through management and distribution of the CEVP data. The research performed this summer includes the first phase of the project. The first phase of the project is a requirements analysis. This analysis will identify the expected behavior of the system under normal conditions and abnormal conditions; that could affect the system's ability to produce this behavior; and the internal features in the system needed to reduce the risk of unexpected or unwanted behaviors. The second phase of this project have also performed in this summer. The second phase of project is the design of data entry screen and data retrieval screen for a working model of the Ground Data Database. The final report provided the requirements for the CEVP system in a variety of ways, so that both the development team and JSC technical management have a thorough understanding of how the system is expected to behave.
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Shin, Sung Y.
(South Dakota State Univ. Brookings, SD, United States)
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September 7, 2013
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March 1, 2003
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Publication: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)/American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Summer Faculty Fellowship Program - 2000
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Computer Systems
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